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Auto Detailing Secrets and Tips

Professional Detail Look with Auto Glanz US tips and tricks

Save money and detail your vehicle yourself.  Get professional results using the following tips from experienced detailers.

1 - Rinse Before Washing

Auto Glanz US Detail Tip Rinse Before Washing

Always start your detail off with clear water.  A clear water rinse will help remove as much dust and dirt as possible.  If you hit dry paint with soapy water, you will grind the surface dust and road debris into your vehicle's paint finish.  

2 - Use the Right Cleaner or Soap


Dishwashing liquid is typically the go to for most people however, in auto detailing this is NO!  Dishwashing detergents are just too harsh on the vehicles.  They suck important oils out of your vehicle's finish and can shorten the life of your paint.  This is why we have our Twisted Apple All-Purpose cleaner.  It is not only safe for your vehicles exterior but also for the environment as well.  being biodegradable and tough on anything, it's the perfect candidate for the novice detailer.   

3 - Use a Microfiber and not a Sponge

Auto Detailing with Microfiber Towel

Sponges can be great tools for cleaning the dishes or grime on your floors but for your vehicle, no way!  Sponges capture and hold dirt and grime in their large pores.  Once the dirt and grime as been captured by the sponge, it creates a sandpaper like material.  This can be very damaging to your vehicle's exterior paint and finish.  A car detailer will always use a microfiber towel or mitt.  The dirt and grime will fall off ones you rinse the microfiber towel.  

Always use two buckets when washing your vehicle.  You will have your soapy bucket with our twisted apple cleaner and water and you will have a bucket with just clear rinse water.  After each wipe dunk the microfiber towel in the rinse water bucket and swirl it around to dislodge the dirt and grime.  Then dunk the microfiber towel back into the soapy water and pick up where you left off. 


Dump the dirty rinse water and refill with clean water before you move to the next side of the vehicle.  This helps keep the soapy water bucket clean!  

4 - Forget Beach Towels or Chamois, Dry with a Microfiber Towel

Auto Glanz US Micro Fiber Detailing Towe

Chamois & Beach towels soak up water, but they don't pick up the dirt and grime left after rinsing.  Instead, these will just grind the dirt and grime back into your your paint and finish of your vehicle.  Microfiber towels collect the dirt and grime particles.  

Rinse the microfiber towel in clean water to remove the dirt and grime collected.  Then wring the microfiber towel out and keep drying.



According to studies performed by hospitals microfiber towels are tiny strands (usually less than one-tenth the thickness of a human hair), that are sliced into even smaller strands and then woven into fabric.  Those tiny strands reach into crevices and provide millions of little pockets within the fabric to hold dirt particles.  The strands also have sharp scouring edges, so microfiber cloths often clean effectively without chemicals or even water, (you can use cleansers or water if you choose). 


When used dry, the cloths generate static electricity, which attracts and holds dust. To clean out all that dirt, just toss the items in the washing machine. You can use microfiber products to dust furniture, clean glass, mop floors or even wash your car—or anything else. 

5 - Use a Carnauba Wax


Using Our AG Spray N' Waxes for your vehicle or boat, are perfect to add a layer of protection as well as a nice sheen to the finish.  Let your paint shine and give it a wet look offering more shine than synthetic sealants!  

These are easy to use products that work amazing adding protection, durability, depth of color, and reflectivity to your vehicle's paint and finish.  

Our Spray N' Waxes use Carnauba Wax which have great hydrophobic traits that will make your car or boat easier to wash, dry, and detail, especially when the rain comes. 

With the effortless Spray N' Wax you only need a microfiber towel and a bottle of our Strawberry Lemonade or Sunset Glow Spray N' Wax. 


Carnauba wax is natural which can also be layered over other layers of carnauba wax.  Yes, you can do as many layers as your heart desires!  Just make sure each layer has cured/dried, before adding another layer!  Buff the excess with a microfiber towel and reapply! 

Our products can be used over ceramic coating adding another layer of protection!

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