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AG Products Glass Cleaners Doubles as a Bug Remover?

So lets first start out by saying how great this product is. Not only will your windows be more clear but our AG Products Blueberry Kiss Glass cleaner leaves behind the best smell. AG Premium Car Care Products Blueberry Kiss Window Cleaner not only cleans your glass surfaces with ease but it leaves a fresh blueberry scent behind. Great for cleaning the inside of your vehicle's window surfaces!

  • Perfect for Auto windows, Marine, (Boat) applications getting rid of the water spots, cleaning your motorcycle shield, and more!

Shop AG Products Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner detailing product removes vision blurring film created by smoke, finger prints, oils, and other grime without leaving streaks or residue on windows, glass, or other high gloss surfaces.

  • The Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner uses a unique streak-free technology.

  • Low V.O.C.'s and is biodegradable. Does not contain methanol, acetone, or other potentially hazardous solvents that could ruin the integrity of your vehicles surface.

  • Can be used on any washable surface.

  • Smells like fresh blueberries.

  • Great for any detailing project from your vehicle to your motorcycle or boat!

Does it smell great? Who doesn't love a fresh scented Blueberry Kiss? An explosion of flavors ready to blast your senses! Our Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner has such an amazing smell. Sweet but not too sweet, Juicy, and heavenly. Its almost as if you were to lie down next to your vehicle, close your eyes, and dream you were in a wild, mountain field of fresh blueberries while a warm breeze passes over! Are you a sneakerhead? Blueberry Kiss and a toothbrush.. Thank us later!

Now the best part. The AG Products Blueberry Kiss glass cleaner can work its magic on your windshield or on the hood/bumper of the vehicle. Just spray on areas where bugs and bug juices are and let sit for 30 seconds to a minute. Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe off. If an area is quite dirty and dense, spray on more heavily. All this combined with our other products will help ensure your vehicles shine lasts and those bugs are not new residents of the vehicle.

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