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Biodegradable and Automotive Detailing

First, what does Biodegradable mean? It refers to a substance which can be chemically decomposed, (broken down into simpler components) by natural biological processes (e.g. soil bacteria, weather, plants, animals, etc.). The term biodegradation is used to call the process of biodegrading.

To keep it simple - If something is biodegradable, then, given the right conditions and presence of microorganisms, fungi, or bacteria, it will eventually break down to its basic components and blend back in with the earth. Ideally, but not always, these substances degrade without leaving any toxins behind.

What are biodegradable materials? Biodegradable materials are for the most part plant-based (e.g. wood, vegetable oil), animal-based (e.g. manure, food scraps) or natural mineral-based products (e.g. carbon fiber polymers). In general, materials derived from nature retain some of their original chemical properties which provides a mechanism for microbes to do their work. Biodegradable materials can be solids, biodegrading into the soil (which we also refer to as compostable), or they can be liquids, biodegrading into water.

Products such as plastics made from man-made petrochemical compounds (i.e. those obtained from petroleum or natural gas), generally do not biodegrade.

So what does this mean for detailing products? It means the products used will not leave any harmful toxins behind into the earth. This goes for the AG Products Twisted Apple All Purpose Cleaner. It is Biodegradable and works like magic on any stain.

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