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Removing Bug Guts From the Windshield & Grille of your Vehicle.

It happens on those summer nights. Driving around and you begin to see your windshield becoming less clear and less visible to see out of. That's when it hits you, or should we say the windshield, the bugs are back! Its one thing we dread having to deal with as its an unseemly sight. Bug guts all over the windshield and the grill of the vehicle.

The best and easiest starting point is grabbing a bottle of AG Products Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner and spraying on the areas where the bug death has occurred. Let this sit for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then wipe off. If you need to reapply as the area is quite dense with bugs, go for it. Once done, you can reuse the glass cleaner and with the help of a new micro fiber cloth, make your windshield looking clear again!

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