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The Importance of a Pre-Rinse before Washing your Vehicle.

Sometimes vehicle owners have not had the correct advice when it comes to washing their vehicle. They may think why rinse the vehicle off when I can start washing because the vehicle is not very dirty.

Well this unfortunately is not correct when it comes to washing your vehicle. AG Products will always be there to help guide the car owner in the right direction when it comes to their vehicle's detail, shine, and glow.

Always start your detail off with clear water. A clear water rinse will help remove as much dust and dirt as possible. If you hit dry paint with soapy water, you will grind the surface dust and road debris into your vehicle's paint finish. Even if you think the soap is going on smoothly, it's not.

So the pre-rinse is a great idea and can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the longevity of the vehicles life in terms of professional detailing.

So what next? Well let's quickly discuss the soap as well. Dishwashing liquid is typically the go to for most people however, in auto detailing this is NO! Dishwashing detergents are just too harsh on the vehicles. They suck important oils out of your vehicle's finish and can shorten the life of your paint. This is why we have our Unicorn Snow Foam Soap. It is not only safe for your vehicles exterior but also for the environment as well. being biodegradable and tough on anything, it's the perfect candidate for the novice detailer.

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