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Washing Your Vehicle Never Felt so Good Until Now!

We've all seen the prices of gas increasing. It was bound to happen due to several factors. But with this, does it make sense to continue going to the automatic Scratch and Dent, excuse us, the Automatic Car Washes anymore? Maybe it's time we spend some more quality time at home detailing our own vehicles with American Made Products.

Prices will be going up for everything but instead of getting your vehicle washed by machines and more than likely not washing fully or getting the full effect of the soaps and waxes, (because they are diluted), just spend some quality time with your baby at home and wash, clean, and wax your vehicle at home.

We have several steps one can follow on our Car Care Detailing and Secrets page. AG Products has a long history in the detailing business as well as US made products which have proven to be beneficial to vehicles as well as the earth!

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