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What is a Waterless Car Wash Soap?

Waterless car wash products are pre-mixed solutions containing the right amount of detergents and other chemicals which are perfect for keeping in the garage or trunk. For the most part, there may be actual water in the solution. But the waterless part means you do not need a hose to spray down your vehicle or boat.

Simply spray on the Waterless wash product and wipe clean. This is a great product for those who do not have the time to wash their vehicle, those who just washed, drove to a car meet, and want to spot clean their vehicle. Frequent trips to the car wash or detailer can get quite expensive, not to mention, the automatic car wash can damage your wax and/or ceramic coating.

The AG Waterless Wash has special lubricating and wetting agents to prevent scratching during wiping. Additional silicone-polymers make surfaces smooth and super glossy. Spray it on and wipe it off. Very simple and easy to use!!

Dilute the AG Products Waterless Wash 1 part chemical to 16 parts water for a quick detail.

Dilute the AG Waterless Wash 1 part chemical to 10 parts water for a heavier clean.

Simply spray over the dirty area and wipe away using a micro fiber towel. Buff the area with a clean micro fiber towel for a shine!

Once you are done using the waterless wash and still have a bit of free time, take advantage of our Quick detailer, the AG Strawberry Lemonade spray n' wax. Great for on the go applications and creating a smooth, glossy look to your vehicle. It's a great addition to your quick applications lineup and adds a needed layer of carnauba wax!

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