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AG superior car care products is here to help you with your dried up seats with our automotive leather conditioner.  Don't let the sun expose that fine leather seat and let it crack and or become brittle.  Use the AG Products auto Leather conditioner.  


The AG Products Auto Leather Conditioner is a water-based creme that cleans, moisturizes, restores, and protects leather surfaces.  Dries to a non-greasy, matte finish and leaves the leather soft with a light aroma.  


Removes light surface soils then penetrates deep into the leather!  Rejuvenates and moisturizes dried, weathered leather.  Smooth Feeling finish with a non-greasy matte finish.  Contains UV protectant with an appealing, not over the top, leather scent!


The condition of leather in cars is key to the safety and comfort for drivers. A common solution for people who want to clean their leather interior is using a car seat leather conditioner, which can be purchased right here at AG Products online Shop. These products offer a wide range of benefits, including preserving the quality of the material by slowing down deterioration due to wear and tear, restoring suppleness and elasticity, reducing dryness and cracking from exposure to UV light from windows or if it's not covered with fabric so that it can breathe properly, removing unpleasant odors like smoke or food spills that have been absorbed into the material which can't be removed easily by washing alone. 


Automotive Leather interiors are another common spot for stains and dirt to accumulate. There are a number of products that can be used to clean leather, but the best way to keep your car seat looking its best is by regularly conditioning it with AG Products Leather Conditioner. The easiest way to do this is by using a our leather conditioner with a spray applicator and applying it evenly to all surfaces of the seat before wiping off any excess.  AG Products Leather Conditioner helps in conditioning but also protects against future spills and stains. A common place for stains and dirt on leather car seats are difficult to clean without professional help or costly equipment. There are many products that can be used for cleaning leather, but the best technique for keeping your car seat looking its best is by regularly conditioning it with a spray applicator and applying evenly on all surfaces before removing any excess with wipes or cloths.


When dealing with the interior of your car, it is important to be mindful of the material. Leather seats are perfect for people who are going to be sitting in their car often and want it to have a luxurious feel. They best way to care for leather-covered seats is by periodically cleaning them with a leather conditioner, as well as applying a protector before you wear them out. Leather conditioner will help keep your seats looking new and smell fresh and clean by removing dirt, sweat, oils and other gross things that can make your car's interior stinky! It'll also give it a luxurious look that will make you feel like royalty on the road. The key is to buy one made specifically for automotive use, AG Products Leather Conditioner, instead of just using any old household cleaner on those not-so-easy-to-reach nooks and crannies in your vehicle's upholstery because automotive cleaners won't harm anything else inside when used correctly.


AG Products Car Care Team recommends Water-based conditioners which are a popular choice for people who want to use their hair products without the fear of buildup. Water-based conditioners are typically lighter in consistency than oil or silicone based products, making them easier to rinse out of the hair. They also moisturize and nourish the strands at a molecular level, instead of just coating them with a layer that eventually hardens and weighs down your hair. Water-based conditioners are best for people with curly or wavy locks as well because they help to reduce frizz and keep your curls intact. They can also be used on color treated locks because water based products don't contain alcohol which can strip color from the strands. What's more, water based conditioner work as both a leave-in treatment as well as an occasional rinse out treatment by giving your hair some much needed hydration without weighing it down too much.


A conditioner is a product that is used to soften, moisturize and restore the appearance of leather. Conditioners can be either oil- or water-based. If using an oil based conditioner, apply it to a dry surface and rub it in with a clean cloth, then wipe off any excess with another clean cloth. If using a water based conditioner, apply it sparingly and rub in circular motions. is a website that sells car care products with a focus on detailing and cleaning. They sell cleaners, polishes, waxes, glazes, and more for all types of cars, as well as wheels and tires. The site has been around since 2019 and has been widely recognized as one of the leading sources for hard-to-find car care products in North America. is the ultimate destination for all types of car care needs in North America


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AG Products Leather Conditioner

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  • AG Leather Conditioner


    Remove heavy soils with our Twisted Apple All Purpose Cleaner before applying the leather conditioner.  Using a soft pad or micro fiber towel, cover the leather with a thick application and allow it to work it's magic for several minutes.  Then wipe off completely with a clean, micro fiber towel.  Repeat as necessary.  

    If leather surfaces are new or in good condition, you may dilute with water at a 1:1 ratio.

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