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Why buy one item when you can get 3 for a discount.  This auto detailing starter kit comes ready to help you with detailing your vehicle the right way!  Make it look amazing and smell like the heavens!


The Starter bundle comes with the following;

     - 1 Bottle Strawberry Lemonade Spray N' Wax

     - 1 Bottle Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner

     - 3 16"x16" micro fiber towels, (1 of each color - Orange, Yellow, Green).


AG Product's New Strawberry Lemondade Spray n' Wax was designed on contact, to pick up light dust particles while leaving a protective layer with our Carnuaba Wax infused Spray n' Wax. Each bottle delivers an easy spray-on and wipe-off finish, holding a shine and protecting your clear coat between buffing and polishing on your painted surfaces. 


  • Perfect for Auto Detailing, Marine, (Boat) applications, Shining your motorcycle, and more!
  • Use between waxing
  • Fills minor swirls
  • Fortified with Carnauba Wax
  • Does not whiten plastic or vinyl
  • Can be used on all surfaces.  (Works great on Chrome)


AG Products Blueberry Kiss Window Cleaner not only cleans your glass surfaces with ease but it leaves a fresh blueberry scent behind. Great for cleaning the inside of your vehicle's window surfaces!


  • Perfect for Auto windows, Marine, (Boat) applications getting rid of the water spots, cleaning your motorcycle shield, and more!
  • The Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner uses a unique streak-free technology. 
  • Low V.O.C.'s and is biodegradeable.  Does not contain methanol, acetone, or other potentially hazourdous solvents that could ruin the integrity of your vehicles surface.
  • Can be used on any washable surface.
  • Smells like fresh blueberries.
  • Great for any detailing project from your vehicle to your motorcycle or boat!


Always nice to have a good set of quality microfiber towels on hand to keep your interior and exterior clean.  Our micro-towels can be used at the begginning of your detail to the end creating a highly versatile micro-fiber towel.


Our Scratch and Lint Free Micro-Fiber towels are perfect for any detailing application.  Easy to use on your Car, Truck, Boat, or Motorcycle, adding a perfect final touch to your detailing needs. 


  • Buff out your vehicle with the lightest of touches
  • Great for adding the perfect finishing touch
  • Helps to decrease buffing times with little effort
  • Reduces the chances of scratching or swirling
  • Includes 6 Microfiber towels, ( 2 of each color) 
  • 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide
  • Ultra Absorbent 
  • Machine Washable
  • Clean with or without detergents


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AG Products Car Care Starter Bundle | Cleaning Kit for Car

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