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AG superior car care products is here to help you with your dressing needs with our AG Diamond Glanz Interior and exterior dressing product.  The AG Diamond Glanz Tire Shine is a water based dressing that helps clean light soils with a non-greasy shine.  


Whether you are looking to shine up your wheels or the interior of your car, The Diamond Glanz will have your vehicle looking dapper for any occasion.  The AG Diamond Glanz tire shine has also thought about your sense of smell.  Our Interior and Exterior automotive dressing has a subtle yet clean smell.  We did not want to over power the senses with this one!  Enjoy the ride and know that it's a clean one with our AG detailing products!


Tire Shine is a product that is sprayed onto the tires of a car to give them a glossy appearance. This product can be applied by shaking the bottle and spraying it on with an applicator. It can also be applied with a brush, but this method can take longer because you have to go over each tire individually. Tire shine products will make your car's tires look shinier and newer or it may just add glossiness to them depending on what was used in the formulation of the product. Tire Shine is a car care product that helps protect tires from salt, dirt, and grime while adding glossiness to them at the same time. The shiny coating helps keep away stains and other types of wear from occurring. The application process for Tire Shine varies depending on what type you purchase, either by shaking it up in its spray container or by brushing onto each tire individually which takes more time but allows for more thorough coverage which aids in protection against dirt build up within your wheels.


The third and final tool that is essential to maintain a car is a washer. The vehicle’s windshield, side windows and rear window require a good wash in the rain or when there are heavy mud splashes. This will not only make the car look cleaner, but it will also help maintain visibility. The best way to clean these types of surfaces is with soapy water and a good quality microfiber cloth like those made by 3M Professional Grade Wipes. Cleaners are an important part of your car care regimen because they remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface of your vehicle's exterior. A variety of cleaners can be used on paintwork to remove chemical residues such as industrial fallout or tree sap deposits; on plastic trim to remove brake dust; on rubber seals where salt has been used; on vinyl with mold or mildew stains; or on carpeting that has been stained by spills like coffee or cola. You should use cleaners sparingly in order not to leave any residue behind which could cause damage later down the line from stripping away important protective coatings from your vehicle's finish as well as damaging non-painted surfaces such as leather seats and upholstery fabric.


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AG Products Diamond Glanz Tire Shine

SKU: 710154652580
  • AG The Diamond Glanz Interior/Exterior Dressing


    Use product as is or can be diluted with water; apply to tires, interior or exterior plastic panels, wiping with a towel or sponge to air dry. Dab excess with a clean towel. The Diamond Glanz can be applied using an air gun.

    For a high gloss shine, let air dry.

    For a more matte finish, lightly wipe after applying.

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