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Directions on how to use the Products

And some interesting facts about our AG superior detailing products!

AG Strawberry Lemonade Spray N' Wax


Ensure the surfaces are free of abrasive soils that could scratch, cool to the touch, and are out of direct sunlight.  Lightly mist the Strawberry Lemonade Spray N' Wax onto the surface, treating small areas at a time.  Wipe with a Micro-Fiber towel.  Use a second Micro-Fiber towel, buffing the surface to a glowing shine.  Repeat until all surfaces have been treated and reapply as necessary.

  • Use between waxing

  • Fills minor swirls

  • Fortified with Carnauba Wax

  • Does not whiten plastic or vinyl

  • Can be used on all surfaces.  (Works great on Chrome)

AG Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner


Spray the Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner onto surface and wipe dry with a lint free towel.  Repeat as necessary.

AG Products Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner detailing product removes vision blurring film created by smoke, finger prints, oils, and other grime without leaving streaks or residue on windows, glass, or other high gloss surfaces.

  • The Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner uses a unique streak-free technology. 

  • Low V.O.C.'s and is biodegradable.  Does not contain methanol, acetone, or other potentially hazardous solvents that could ruin the integrity of your vehicles surface.

  • Can be used on any washable surface.

  • Smells like fresh blueberries.

  • Great for any detailing project from your vehicle to your motorcycle or boat!

AG Twisted Apple All Purpose Cleaner


Heavy Duty Spray and Wipe: Use 1 part product to 3-6 parts water.

General Spray and Wipe: Use 1 part product to 7-20 parts water.

Carpet Extracting: Use 1 part product to 10-30 parts water.

Carpet Shampoo: Use 1 part product to 32-64 parts water.

AG Products Twisted Apple All Purpose Cleaner is Biodegradable and perfect for cleaning almost anything!  From dirt or grime on the vehicle to sticker residue, you will be impressed with how easy it cleans!


Test in an inconspicuous area before use and for color fastness.  Do not use on unfinished wood, silk, or wool.  Do not allow to dry on hard surfaces and glass as it may streak or leave a haze.  Rinse thoroughly with water when necessary. 

  • The AG Twisted Apple All Purpose Cleaner is Biodegradable

  • Not just for the vehicle, also great for the home!

  • Can be used on any washable surface.

  • Smells like freshly picked apples!

  • Great for any detailing project from your vehicle to your motorcycle or boat!

AG Unicorn Snow Foam Soap


Unicorn Snow Foam Soap (Ultra Concentrate)

Foam Canon; Add 1-4 ounces and fill the reservoir with preferably soft water.


Bucket Wash; Add 1-2 oz. to 3-4 gallons of water.  Apply to vehicle, then mitt or brush and rinse thoroughly. 

Ready to have your vehicle smelling clean using the AG Products Unicorn Snow Foam Soap?  This highly concentrated mix will leave your vehicle with an out-of-this-world clean!  Since this is highly concentrated it is perfect for those who like to keep their vehicles and/or toys clean always!  A little bit goes a long ways!!  


The Unicorn Snow Foam Soap can be used with a foam canon or when bucket washing.

In a separate but equal universe the AG Unicorn Snow Foam Soap is used to fight off dirt warriors who live both on and off-road.  There is nothing more these dirt warriors would like than to see a vehicle filthy dirty.  The kind where one ditches the vehicle because it's a lost cause.  But a magical creature arose from the horizon washing away the dirt warriors and their efforts.  With it's magical touch, the AG Unicorn Snow Foam Soap created a clean world!

AG The Diamond Glanz Interior/Exterior Dressing



Use product as is or can be diluted with water; apply to tires, interior or exterior plastic panels, wiping with a towel or sponge to air dry. Dab excess with a clean towel.  The AG Diamond Glanz can be applied using an air gun.


For a high gloss shine, let air dry.


For a more matte finish, lightly wipe after applying

AG superior car care products is here to help you with your dressing needs with our AG Diamond Glanz Interior and exterior dressing product.  The AG Diamond Glanz is a water based dressing that helps clean light soils with a non-greasy shine.  


Whether you are looking to shine up your wheels or the interior of your car, The Diamond Glanz will have your vehicle looking dapper for any occasion.  The AG Diamond Glanz has also thought about your sense of smell.  Our Interior and Exterior automotive dressing has a subtle yet clean smell.  We did not want to over power the senses with this one!  Enjoy the ride and know that it's a clean one with our AG detailing products

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