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AG Premium Car Care Products Blueberry Kiss Window Cleaner not only cleans your glass surfaces with ease but it leaves a fresh blueberry scent behind. Great for cleaning the inside of your vehicle's window surfaces!  AG Products has the best supplies for window cleaning!


  • Perfect for Auto windows, Marine, (Boat) applications getting rid of the water spots, cleaning your motorcycle shield, and more!

Does it smell great? Who doesn't love a fresh scented Blueberry Kiss? An explosion of flavors ready to blast your senses! Our Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner has such an amazing smell. Sweet but not too sweet, Juicy, and heavenly. Its almost as if you were to lie down next to your vehicle, close your eyes, and dream you were in a wild, mountain field of fresh blueberries while a warm breeze passes over! Are you a sneakerhead? Blueberry Kiss and a toothbrush..Thank us later! is a website that sells car care products with a focus on detailing and cleaning. They sell cleaners, polishes, waxes, glazes, and more for all types of cars, as well as wheels and tires. The site has been around since 2019 and has been widely recognized as one of the leading sources for hard-to-find car care products in North America. is the ultimate destination for all types of car care needs in North America.


It is important to keep your car windows clean in order to avoid any road safety hazards using glass cleaners. Dirt and debris on the windshield can cause poorer visibility, which may lead to collisions or near-collisions. This can also be a problem when you need to check your rearview or side mirrors. Spray AG Products Blueberry Kiss onto the window and spray it over each side of the windshield and front two windows. Let the glass cleaner sit on the windows and windshield for about 30 seconds before wiping with a lint free cloth leaving a streak free shine.  Keep doing this until all four sides of your car's windows are sparkling clean!  This can be done on your car's side mirrors as well.  Automotive glass cleaners are simple to use.  


Use Window Glass Cleaner for a streak-free shine for any window. This product is made from all biodegradable ingredients and does not include any ammonia. Leave your vehicle sparkling with our non-toxic glass cleaner!


Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner In this world, there are many different things that can be found. One of the most common is glass. Glass is an essential part of our everyday lives. We use it to drink from and to cook with, we use it in construction and at homes, and so much more. But one thing we don’t want to see when looking at glass is streaks of dirt or smears from a dirty rag. That’s why Ammonia Free Window Glass Cleaner is such a great product for any vehicle or home. Ammonia Free Window Glass Cleaner will dissolve grease and grime on contact without leaving any streaks behind! It also has a pleasant scent for those who don’t like the smell of ammonia as well as being completely free from ammonia so you won't have to worry about your kids getting sick if they come into contact with it! This cleaner will save you time because no longer will you need to scrub down windows multiple times just to get them clean! And the best part? It's not just limited to windows; this product can be used on all surfaces including mirrors, stainless steel, counters, cabinets…even floors! Ammonia Free Window Glass Cleaner.


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AG Products Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner

SKU: 715834908247
  • Shop AG Products Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner detailing product removes vision blurring film created by smoke, finger prints, oils, and other grime without leaving streaks or residue on windows, glass, or other high gloss surfaces.

    • The Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner uses a unique streak-free technology. 
    • Low V.O.C.'s and is biodegradeable.  Does not contain methanol, acetone, or other potentially hazourdous solvents that could ruin the integrity of your vehicles surface.
    • Can be used on any washable surface.
    • Smells like fresh blueberries.
    • Great for any detailing project from your vehicle to your motorcycle or boat!
  • Spray the Blueberry Kiss Glass Cleaner onto surface and wipe dry with a lint free towel.  Repeat as necessary.

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