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PROFESSIONAL -  Formulated to be easy to use, smell great, and look spectacular. Don't settle for an average car wax, our AG Strawberry Lemonade car wax spray is formulated using advanced science, with Brazilian Carnauba Wax to seal and polish giving your car, motorcycle, RV, Jeep, SUV, Bronco, or boat a brilliant, protective glass looking shine.


STREAK FREE AND SAFE ON ALL SURFACES - AG Products  automotive Strawberry Lemonade car wax is a superior car polish that won't leave streaks or residue behind like paste waxes, this wax is a hydrophobic spray and wipes away clean to give your car ultimate mirror like shine.


QUICK & CONVENIENT - AG Strawberry Lemonade wax for your vehicle is a convenient, and quick way to give your car an ultimate detailer like wash & wax for a fraction of the cost.  Simply spray on your vehicle exterior, and easily wiped off for a showroom shine that will impress your neighbors.


IMPRESSIVE GLOW - The quick, and easy AG Strawberry Lemonade spray n' wax top coat uses advanced technology to make your vehicle look better than the detail shop. Our car spray n' wax is easy to apply, and works at a nano polymer level to enhance gloss and reflection and give your car a shield from harmful particles.


AG Premium Car Care Products Strawberry Lemondade Spray n' Wax was designed on contact, to pick up light dust particles while leaving a protective layer with our Carnauba Wax infused Spray n' Wax. Each bottle delivers an easy spray-on and wipe-off finish, holding a shine and protecting your clear coat between buffing and polishing on your painted surfaces. 


  • Perfect for Auto Detailing, Marine, (Boat) applications, Shining your motorcycle, and more!  Don't limit what you can detail!!


Our detailing products have been designed and created keeping the customer in mind.  Our quality detailing supplies are held at the gold standard ensuring your vehicle looks like it just came off the sales lot.  Explore your senses with our auto detailing product lineup!  


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AG Products Strawberry Lemonade Spray N' Wax

  • Ensure the surfaces are free of abrasive soils that could scratch, cool to the touch, and are out of direct sunlight.  Lightly mist the Strawberry Lemonade Spray N' Wax onto the surface, treating small areas at a time.  Wipe with a Micro-Fiber towel.  Use a second Micro-Fiber towel, buffing the surface to a glowing shine.  Repeat until all surfaces have been treated and reapply as necessary.

    • Use between waxing
    • Fills minor swirls
    • Fortified with Carnauba Wax
    • Does not whiten plastic or vinyl
    • Can be used on all surfaces.  (Works great on Chrome)
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