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Looking for a waterless car wash that is gentle on your paint and leaves a brilliant shine? Look no further than our automotive waterless car wash! Our unique formula is designed to be safe on all types of paint and leaves your car looking like new. Plus, our waterless car wash is perfect for those who live in areas with water restrictions or for those who simply want to conserve water.


AG superior car care products is here to help you with a quick clean.  The AG Waterless wash is a concentrated blend of clean magic.  It's a detailing spray on and wipe off.  Its perfect for on the go clean.  


The AG Waterless Wash does not require a hose or any water to rinse the vehicle.  It's your own travel size car wash in a bottle.  


Yes, the bottle does come with a spray trigger for your convenience.  The concentrated formula is recommended to have a dilution ratio of 1:16, using 1 part concentrate to 16 parts water.   The AG Waterless Wash has special lubricating and wetting agents to prevent scratching during wiping.  Additional silicone-polymers make surfaces smooth and super glossy.  


Spray it on and wipe it off.  Very simple and easy to use!!


Our detailing products have been designed and created keeping the customer in mind.  Our quality detailing supplies are held at the gold standard ensuring your vehicle looks like it just came off the Show room floor.  Explore your senses with our auto detailing product lineup!  


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AG Products Waterless Car Wash Soap

SKU: 710154652641
  • AG Waterless Wash


    Make sure the vehicle has light amounts of dirt before using.  ***If the vehicle is quite filthy pleas make sure to use our Unicorn Snow Foam Soap instead.***

    Dilute the AG Waterless Wash 1 part chemical to 16 parts water for a quick detail.

    Dilute the AG Waterless Wash 1 part chemical to 10 parts water for a heavier clean.  

    Simply spray over the dirty area and wipe away using a micro fiber towel.  Buff the area with a clean micro fiber towel for a shine!

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